live on this moment

Today is my off day, so I would like to clear up a bit and rant on life in my blog. Spending my day off with late sleep and late wake up. Then still go to office to settle few things. Eating too much at fast food restaurant until you get stomach ache. Get free Wi-Fi but you still doing your work for 5 hours until your backbone feel like been ripped off.  Having a good conversation at playground with your sister about life and then reached home at nights. What a well spend day isn’t?

Plan your future
~it always good being able to talk about everything with someone. My sister had been planning on her life 5 years ahead. Like marriage, job, family and etc. giving few advice on this and on that. I’ve been a good listener and commenting a lot on her life plan. There a lot details and backup plan if things goes wrong I guess.

Live this moment
~however, I’m not good at making plan. I would describe my life like never ending flowing river. I’m not making any specific plan for my future. I just felt everything will come at rights timing. So i just go with the flow. The most important things is I live at this moment and try to be a human with good souls

~at this age people had been asking about marriage. It doesn’t bother me anyway when people asking “when would you imagine yourself being married?” I just said “By god will, anytime. I never plan to marry at certain age. I only imagine if I meet someone good, I will marry at that time. When I’m mentally ready not when I’m physically old”.

~I’m having a hard time to catch up with my study, but I tried my best. Taking longer than other doesn’t mean you are failure. Even if I fail to graduate *god forbids, I would never see it as a failure. Being able to further my study is already a precious experience for me.  I learn a lot as human already and that was the things I valued so much

~I’ve been working like 4 months already. When others choose to quit, I’ve choose to stay and endure. People been asking why I been so hard to move on.  It just because it feel good when you being able to being kind with people, not necessarily money issues.

Settle down
~having a family, house, car, job and money is everyone dreams. When you being able to settle down at one place and life seem less chaotic. I just feel need to see the world more. Live like traveller and learn more from human.

at the end,
~I don’t need fancy things to live. I just need souls to live every seconds of my life. Maybe our definition on successfulness is different. Being able to love yourself and be kind others are my definition of successful. If you happy with your life planning, I’ll be happy for you too. You might say I don’t have ambition or crazy but at least I’m happy.

pssstttt: I'm so in love with Rumi wisdom :)

ranting on life

~Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.
it's been 6 months from my last entry. it write something about religion and mostly it was sensitive issues. sooooo, that entry shall stay on draft only. some things are good too share and some things are not. 

here i am again. another temptation to write. and we'll see how far this post gonna be. this time i'm writing in english because it found it easier to express. but to talk in English it much more errrrrr. for example, when i write " i love you" feel more meaningful rather than writing "saya sayang awak" which i find more chessy. maybe i lost in malay = english translation context. okayyyy, what ever!

now i already 23, which i found life gets harder

everythings seem overwhelmed. yeah, i need to snap it out.endure every second of it. so, here i'm writings somethings for my dear future in case i still alive to read. either to smile when look back or to regret. Life always a lesson
"Always love yourself"
repeating magical phrase
hypnotizing mentally  
"Always be kind"
believing life would be easier
 enrich died souls
Just cry if you find life is hard.

Mengetahui dan Berpandangan

sejauh mana kita berhak untuk berkata mengenai sesuatu topik atau isu?

~kita belajar
belajar bukan sekadar menuntut ilmu secara formal di universiti atau kolej. habis belajar dan mendapat pengiktirafan mengenai sesuatu perkara. bolej jadi kita belajar secara tidak fornal. belajar dari orang lain yang lebih arif atau belajar sendiri melalui pengalaman atau melalui bacaan sendiri. pokoknya, jujur sumber ilmu yang diperoleh. bukan sekadar "saya rasa" atau "teori tiada asas kukuh"

~kita rasa
mendalami dengan merasai sendiri. mengaplikasi perkara yang dipelajari, lebih membawa kefahaman. jadi, jika mahu berkata mengenai politik maka perlu boleh mengundi dahulu. atau jika mahu berkata mengenai perihal mendidik anak maka perlu mempunyai anak dahulu. adakah begitu? tidak salah untuk berkata mengenai sesuatu yang kita tidak pernah buat tetapi mempunyai ilmu. perlu ingat, ada perbezaan ilmu antara si pelaku dan si pemerhati. tidak sesiapa yang lebih baik tetapi kefahaman jurang antara teori dan realiti adalah perbezaannya.

~kita fikir
setiap manusia mempunyai asas pendirian yang berbeza. bagaimana seseorang mentafsirkan sesuatu perkara samada betul atau tidak. ada yang mempunyai asa pendirian agama kuat, maka setiap perkara adalah disandarkan pada agama. ada juga yang asas pendirian menurut norma masyarakat atau menurut pernyataan undang-undang. maka, setiap yang kita fikir betul tidak semestinya betul.pada pemikiran orang lain. tidaklah dikatakan terdapat hanua satu asa pendirian yang paling betul antara semua tetapi pokoknya, kita berfikir.

~kita berlapang dada
kerana manusia berbeza. terima pendapat orang lain sepertimana kita mahu pemdapat kita mahu diterima. 

nota kaki
~maaf atas kesilapan dalam penulisan kerana menulis blog melalui telefon adalah sangat mencabar.

~idea penulisan datang bila termenung berfikir sendiri. maka setiap idea datang dari pembacaan sendiri dan pemerhatian sendiri.

~ini adalah catatan pagi2 buta. 

terima kasih :)