ranting on life

~Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.
it's been 6 months from my last entry. it write something about religion and mostly it was sensitive issues. sooooo, that entry shall stay on draft only. some things are good too share and some things are not. 

here i am again. another temptation to write. and we'll see how far this post gonna be. this time i'm writing in english because it found it easier to express. but to talk in English it much more errrrrr. for example, when i write " i love you" feel more meaningful rather than writing "saya sayang awak" which i find more chessy. maybe i lost in malay = english translation context. okayyyy, what ever!

now i already 23, which i found life gets harder

everythings seem overwhelmed. yeah, i need to snap it out.endure every second of it. so, here i'm writings somethings for my dear future in case i still alive to read. either to smile when look back or to regret. Life always a lesson
"Always love yourself"
repeating magical phrase
hypnotizing mentally  
"Always be kind"
believing life would be easier
 enrich died souls
Just cry if you find life is hard.


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