Tunjukkan catatan dari 2016

live on this moment

Today is my off day, so I would like to clear up a bit and rant on life in my blog. Spending my day off with late sleep and late wake up. Then still go to office to settle few things. Eating too much at fast food restaurant until you get stomach ache. Get free Wi-Fi but you still doing your work for 5 hours until your backbone feel like been ripped off.  Having a good conversation at playground with your sister about life and then reached home at nights. What a well spend day isn’t?
Plan your future ~it always good being able to talk about everything with someone. My sister had been planning on her life 5 years ahead. Like marriage, job, family and etc. giving few advice on this and on that. I’ve been a good listener and commenting a lot on her life plan. There a lot details and backup plan if things goes wrong I guess.
Live this moment ~however, I’m not good at making plan. I would describe my life like never ending flowing river. I’m not making any specific plan for my future. I …